Your map to success, one classroom at a time

With features such as dynamic schedules, floor maps and class highlighting, make sure to never be late for a class again!

About the app

What is MPSTME OnTrack

Developed using Flutter, MPSTME OnTrack is built with an aim of never letting anyone from MPSTME get late to a lecture searching for their class. MPSTME OnTrack allows a user to store their schedule with their class details. It has inbuilt features such as floor plans and class highlighting to easily navigate through the campus with pre-lecture notifications (only Android) to make sure you reach before time.

Our Team

GDSC team behind MPSTME OnTrack

Core Team
Ayushya Shah
UI/UX Lead • Secretary In-charge
Siddh Purohit
Flutter Lead • Core In-charge
Vishesh Giyani
UI/UX Advisor
Executive Team
Aditya Negi
Flutter Developer
Manan Gandhi
Flutter Developer
Shrijesh Yadav
Flutter Developer
Vignesh Baiju
Flutter Developer